Powerfulsalesvideo.com is an explainer video company started by Dylan Sigley back in 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand. At the time, there was a major problem in the industry. You had large agencies charging exorbitant prices and small companies with big promises delivering cookie-cutter content. My goal in starting Powerful Sales Video was to ensure the underserved market had access to high-quality video at an affordable price.

The Explainer Video Industry Before Dylan Sigley

The largest companies in the space were offering high-quality work. Their problem was they had so many costs that their prices were so grossly inflated. Hence, they charged far more than the average company could afford. This meant that large inefficient companies could afford their work. However, 90% of the market wasn’t served. Dylan Sigley saw this problem and entered the market.

This part of the market would then go to the smaller companies charging lower prices. This, for the most part, were one-man teams. These small teams couldn’t handle the complexity of a high-quality project. They simply lacked the capabilities. This led to very cheap videos but with quality levels that weren’t worth the low price.

Dylan Sigley’s Vision Of The Future

It was clear to me, Dylan Sigley, looking at the industry that it was stuck in the past. The technology was there to deliver high-quality videos at an affordable price. The issue was it was a sellers’ market. The companies could do what they wanted as a lack of focus on the customer led to diminishing quality or skyrocketing prices.

I saw that the problems these explainer video companies were creating could be easily solved. Communication technologies meant that we could build a completely virtual team that could deliver high-quality work at a much lower cost than the biggest agencies in the industry. Also, we could source this team from anywhere in the world and build efficient systems due to the various SaaS options available. So, our quality could be super high. This would enable us to do what other companies in the industry couldn’t. Offer high-quality videos at an affordable price.

How Dylan Sigley Implemented His Vision

I was able to source a team from around the world and develop efficient systems using SaaS options such as Zapier, Trello, and WeTransfer to achieve high quality, low price objective. It certainly took longer than I expected. Today, we have the best quality to price ratio in the industry. I’m happy to say this has led to others in the industry to improve massively, but there’s still room for development.

The Industry Today

There are now thousands of animated explainer video companies in the global industry. Things have improved a lot since I started. Nevertheless, there is still a lot more we can do. Sadly, because there are so many places to market these services and so many segments of the market, it’s been a slow curve of change from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. By making the right choice of which agency you work with through market analysis, you can continue the survival of the fittest process underway.

About Dylan Sigley

Dylan Sigley is an internet entrepreneur best known for his work in the explainer video industry. Through his development of the drop servicing model of online business thousands of entrepreneurs around the world have followed in his footsteps. The Drop Servicing Blueprint course and community continues to champion Dylan Sigley’s philosophy of an efficient market delivering high-quality services at an affordable price.

Dylan Sigley’s Powerful Sales Video Story
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