Understanding what an explainer video exactly is and how it fits into your online marketing is the first step in being able to wield its power.

“Explainer videos are quick, typically animated videos, that focus on explaining a business idea simply and clearly with concise language; with engaging illustrations that keep the viewer's attention.”

These types of video inform and educate, viewers on the companies value proposition. At PSV we have found the most effective videos include messaging related to the below points:

● Attention
● Problem definition
● Amazing Attainable Solution
● Proof & Credibility
● Call To Action

Core Components Of An Explainer Video

While explainer videos typically have all of the same components as all videos; script, voiceover, and animation. They always focus on the general value proposition of the company, rather than the details of the various offers. An explainer video should be short and to the point so staying general is key to their effectiveness:

● Quick: The average run time of an explainer video is very short, with our average being 75 seconds.

● Simple: Explainer's should keep the details for later, focusing on the general value proposition as sort of an elevator pitch for the company.

● Engaging: Animation and music enable the voice-over to resonate and drive attention to the video so that viewers fully absorb the message.

Best 5 Features and Benefits of Explainer Videos

Number 1: Swiftly communicate your core message to website visitors or investors

Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% (Source: Unbounce).

You might be wondering why there would be such a massive increase in conversion rates just by including a video on your website…

Well, humans are survival focused creatures with an intrinsic drive to minimize time and energy so that we could save it for moments of need, like a saber tooth tiger attacking or something.

Because of this, we are not doing so well in the modern world with all of its conveniences and distractions.

Since 2000 attention spans have dropped 3.75 seconds from 12 to 8.25… that’s insane.

In regards to your websites ability to convert visitors to your cause and not competitors, making things easier with video not only appeals to this fact but also allows you to communicate just the messaging that takes them to the next step.

Being able to communicate your core message quickly is also helpful within your pitch. We have created numerous explainer videos used in presentations and what we’ve found is that again they help communicate the message faster than any person can (however your pitch or presentation still needs to be on point).

Number 2: Drive your chances of ranking on search engines like Google

A study done by Forrester found that having a video on your website increased your chance of being on Google by 53X!

That’s a pretty massive statistic, let’s break down how…

There are a lot of factors that influence ranking but let’s isolate and discuss why video content easily outranks its text counterpart.

The primary reason seems to be the hummingbird update by Google which prioritizes quality content over keyword optimization.

Video ranks higher because, in the eyes of Google and those who use it, video is quality content for the reasons discussed in point 1.

On top of that, a study by ComScore found that websites with video tend to hold a viewers attention for 2 minutes more than those without it.

And to drive home the point about video being higher quality content because it makes things easy and helps viewers faster “80% Of Your Online Visitors Will Watch A Video, While Only 20 Percent Will Actually Read Content In Its Entirety.”

Number 3: Boost conversion rates by up to 80%

So far we’ve focused on how video saves website viewers time and makes things easier for them by asking them to click play vs. read an essay.

These two factors mean that website visitors can understand what you have to offer faster and with less energy exerted.

But there is a third point.

Minimizing time and energy allows you to capture attention at a peak in the cycle.
Because we are able to communicate our core message as soon as the viewer interacts with our website we can ensure that the message they absorb is in its most potent form.

When we remove all of the fluff from what we want to say to our audience we can communicate our value proposition without any distraction which is why video is so powerful.

If you’re message is powerful, your video will be too.

Number 4: Have a 24/7 salesman that you can deploy wherever and whenever with no extra cost

Beyond the various statistics supporting videos use as a part of your marketing strategy is the simple fact that video frees up time.

Especially in sales situations, video helps to pre-pitch your prospects.

Some of our sales clients email through a link to their video before a presentation seeing a massive increase in the number of prospects who already understand and have questions, they don’t even need the presentation anymore…

So the video can free up your time from pitching, to allow you to focus on problem-solving for your prospective clients.

Others use video as a FAQs companion that prevents them from having to answer the same questions every single time they bring on a new client or employee…

Answering all of the important questions with a video gives you an asset you can deploy to take the place of the rehearsed scripts you use with every new person encountering what you have to say.

Number 5: Become omnipresent across your audiences social media

As a companion to point 5, because video allows you to tell your story in a compelling way without you being there it’s the perfect asset for re-marketing campaigns.

If someone lands on your website, you can provide them tailored content matching actions they took or pages they visit on your site.

So explainer videos tailored to each part of your story will drive engagement and help your audience along the buyer's journey.

For example if someone lands on your about us page, then leaves never to return, it’s pretty likely they’ll forget about you amongst the sea of similar competitors.

But if you have a video tailored to your about us story set to show to visitors who were on your page 90 days ago (Which you base on the sales cycle) then they will be reintroduced to your brand in the most engaging way on platforms where they want to be engaged with helpful or entertaining content.

How Explainer videos fit into the marketing mix

So now that you understand what an explainer video is you need to decide how and whether to fit it within your marketing mix.

We recommend doing this based on the highest return on investment option first before venturing out.

This way you can base your strategy on what is working best right now and expand what’s working best over time.

It’s always recommended to begin with a general explainer video communicating your core message before venturing into more specific videos.

Because having explainers on your homepage can affect your conversion rate and rank against the competition.

From there deploying video across the social channels driving warm traffic from those who have already visited your website provides the next highest ROI for our clients.

Once you have explainers set up for all of the core elements of your messaging you can then deploy more long term strategies.

It all comes down to budget and current strategy.

You can use explainers in your marketing channel, or sales funnel or internal training videos… the list goes on…

What you need to consider is: “What is the thing I could do right now that will bring me the highest return on investment the fastest.”

Do that first.

The Best Explainer Video Company

Explainer videos typically fall in to 1 of 3 categories:

A branding video:

“Branding videos focus on who the company is and what it wants to be. These videos are positioned at the top of the funnel in order to educate the customers first learning about your business and products”

A product video:

“Product explainer videos focus on the features and benefits of one of the companies individual products and work best when only used for a single product at a time in order to keep attention and message retention”

A Sales Video:

“These videos have a clear purpose of driving the conversion rates of given pages or stages in your sales funnel. They are always focus on a specific product in order to give enough attention to the core components of an attention converting video”

How Explainer videos drive results

The results you get from your explainer video are really determined by the quality of messaging and level of engagement derived from the illustrations accompanying that messaging.

Assuming you’ve gone with the right team (Us) to produce your video, then the results are driven by the explainer videos ability to communicate your core message in a way that resonates and engages your audience in a very short period of time.

This is all due to the human tendency to minimize time and energy. We want to know about the thing as fast as possible, and will only care about knowing to a certain point that it becomes cumbersome to do so.

That’s why if you have a short and snappy explainer video on your homepage you’re much more likely to get your message across to website visitors before that point hits you.

How to make an explainer video

The process of making an explainer is not overly complicated.

But the execution of this process is all that matters in deploying your explainer video effectively, so choosing the right studio will help a lot or the right individual if your budget is small.

First, you must complete a questionnaire or mind map of all of the information you would like conveyed in your video.

Then a script is prepared that conveys all of that messaging in the best structure possible.

You will then need to cut out all of the fluff information to get that script as short as possible to drive a real result.

Next, it’s all about style, figuring out the best graphic style and ideas for each scene that illustrates the script in the best way possible.

Once the storyboard is complete, you then have a voice-over recorded with an artist you think matches your brand best.

And finally, the animation process is carried out to bring the above components to life.

IF done right you should now have an explainer video that drives results for your business online.


An explainer video is a quick, simple, and engaging video that communicates your message effectively.

This message can be branding, product, or sales.

They can aid you in boosting website conversion rates, rankings on Google, improving your sales process, automating repetitive stages of communication, and staying in front of your audience indefinitely.

Having a video that’s poorly produced is better than no video in some cases but if your branding does matter to you then a focus on quality is key.

So naturally I recommend checking out our homepage thoroughly to find out why we are the best option for companies looking for high quality video at affordable prices.

If you're interested in learning more about how a video marketing production strategy can impact your bottom line without spending exorbitant amounts of time and money check this out.

Talk soon.

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