Explainer videos do one thing best, explain.

You've probably seen your competitors' video and thought its time to jump on the bandwagon.

Or you had this cool idea for a video that explains your message.

But even with these great thoughts, you're wondering if they work.

And by work, I mean explaining your product or service in a way that drives results for your business online.

Well look no further, this guide goes over the top 10 reasons they will work for your business online.

1. Simplifies your message

The first thing that explainer videos do best is to simplify your message even if it's technical.

You can sit there on your iPhone and drone away about your service or slip the rockets on that voiceover with killer illustrations that take the guessing out of the equation.

Teachers have been using images in classes for centuries via the board and chalk technology.

The reason for this is that using images, even simple ones fits so well into our monkey brain.

Cave dwellers didn't teach little Timmy to hunt mammoths by talking next to the campfire; they took him out a spear in hand to bulls eye that giant (entirely theoretical metaphor).

Using explainer videos to communicate your core message online takes the complex and simplifies it via the screen.

2. Asks less of your audience

When a potential customer or client lands on your page they're often stopped in their tracks with a wall of text.

Let's face it; today's smartphone age has sucked our attention spans dry.

We now find it challenging to read through walls of text as the Trojans found it challenging to scale the walls of Troy.

Think of explainer videos like your Trojan horse.

Where your competitor tries to communicate your core message via an essay, you have a short, entertaining video that drives attention and engages your audience.

The viewer is much more likely to watch your video than read an essay, look at the stats.

So why not ask less of your audience, the less you ask, the more compliance (dirty word alert) you get.

3. Makes your message more engaging

Even if your lovely website visitor is interested enough to read through your competitors' essay, they get the message, but do they care? Will it stick in their mind?

This is a question of engagement.

Sure, a video makes the message simple and easily consumable, but does it make it better?

By better I mean does it engage the audience enough for them to keep it in memory.

Will your video mean that the viewer is more likely to put you at the top of their list of prospective providers?

Well, the research says so.

Why is this?

It's simple when watching a video; we are engaging our emotional mind as well as our logical mind, we are listening and observing and interpreting.

When reading, we are stuck in logical mode 'what does this mean.'

While with watching we are stuck in 'how does this feel'

So not only are we painting the logical picture of the message we are also creating a feeling around it much more effectively than words.

The message is not only understood by the viewer, and it is imprinted in their mind as a feeling.

Therefore, they have much better recall of the message, and that's why engagement is so critical when it comes to any marketing message.

Primarily it all comes down to communicating your core message effectively.


They increase your conversion rate.

A couple of famous examples noted by Unbounce in their article are Work.com and Dropbox. The former increased their conversion rates by 20% and the latter by 10%, which for a $1000-5000 investment results in a massive ROI.

So how do they increase conversions so drastically?

Well first, the above points already discussed play a significant role in an explainer's ability to drive results.

Beyond the discussed, a lot of it comes down to our dwindling attention span which by 2012 was down to 8 seconds from 12 seconds in 2000. Technology is having such a significant effect on us that we now have a smaller attention span than a goldfish which at least packs 9 seconds.

So, in a nutshell, because it's easier and faster to watch something than read something (Such as your web page) having a video will mean a lot more people get all your messaging, so a lot more people sign up, purchase, subscribe, or download.

Decrease your bounce rate and keep viewers on your page longer.

A high bounce kills your business. Bounce rate is the percentage of people that land on your website but only view a single page before exiting.

Video has been found to decrease your bounce rate by 30%.

But not just any video, the video you use must be relevant to viewers.

Aim for a page related video, e.g. a video on your home page would explain your business.

Keep this video under 2 minutes to ensure viewers aren't scared away by the length (over 2 minutes and your busy viewers may not even click play).

explainer video

Case Study: Rank Watch

An explainer video on homepage helped Rank Watch reduce its bounce rate from 62% to 35%.

Explainers always work best for tech companies like Rank Watch. explaining to non-teach people how their product works is the hard part, so if the content on your page looks too information intensive or tedious then visitors will click the exit button asap

Rank Watch had this issue. They had a lot of people coming to their website each day, but without a video explainer, their bounce rate was 62%. Visitors weren't reading.

Once they added their explainer video, visitor engagement skyrocketed, and their bounce rate plummeted to 30%. Most impressive was that Rank Watch received a 27% increase in free trial users.

But if you make a lousy video, all of this means nothing

You need to ensure that you've created a video that your viewers will find interesting.

Practical Takeaways

Understand that video has positive effects on a range of metrics and properly implement it into your video strategy. You need to create a budget that allows you to maximize the quality of videos you produce while also impacting your overall marketing budget as little as possible. Do this by gathering quotes from a range of explainer video production companies and comparing them to one another. From there make an informed decision about who has the highest quality of video at the best possible price.

If you're interested in learning more about how a video marketing production strategy can impact your bottom line without spending exorbitant amounts of time and money check this out.

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