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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take the time to read our FAQ section

Q: Can I get on a call with someone?

A: Yes, you can set up a call with our creative director here:

Q: Do you offer bulk discounts?

A: Yes we do, email with your requirements and we will provide a quote.

Q: Do I need to pay 100% up front?

A: For 30 second videos we require 100% up front. However for 60 seconds and above you may pay 50% up front, and 50% on delivery e.g if you want 60 seconds total you may purchase 30 seconds to begin and 30 seconds on delivery of your video.

However it does end up cheaper to purchase 100% up front in most cases due to the discounts applied as you purchase greater lengths.

Q: How do I know what to expect?

A: Review the testimonials and portfolio section to get a good idea about the level of quality and service we provide:

Q: How do I get started?

A: First, select the style and length you would like here: After purchase you will be asked to download a questionnaire. Once we receive payment and a complete questionnaire production can begin!

Q: What Do I Get?

A: An animated explainer video that communicates your core message in a way that resonates and engages your audience to pay attention, and take action.

A converting script, engaging voice over, and eye-catching animation in the form of one powerful video.

All delivered in just 4+ weeks with 2 free sets of revisions at every stage.

Your video is delivered in HD 1080P as a MOV or MP4 file on completion.

All you need to do, to get started is select your style/length, make your purchase, and complete our questionnaire

Q: What Length Do I Need?

A: The average video is 60-90 seconds which is the sweet spot between length/viewership and information/budget. Based on our experience, and the research we don’t recommend going beyond 90 seconds. We also find our clients often need a longer video than expected so this can be adjusted during the scripting phase.

Q: What Is The Best Style For Me?


• The Whiteboard Style: The most cost effective style best for those on a budget with a simple message that doesn’t require complex animation as this style is simply pictures drawn on a whiteboard.

• The Explainer style: Our mid range package which makes up 75% of the videos we produce. This 2D style features character and kinetic typography that gets your message across in a compelling way. It offers less complex animation than the premium package but is the most cost effective for those clients who require more control over their graphics and animation.

• The Premium Style: Our high end style which includes a customized storyboard and unlimited revisions for clients with a larger budget who require greater control over the graphics and animation in their video. This style is for those who require a more premium level of branding. Featuring higher quality graphics and complex animation, however it does take an average of 2 more weeks to produce.

Animated Explainer Videos That Work
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