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Here you can see some of our recent work and see what our wonderful clients have to say about!




Resilient Networks

Omny IQ

Edu Passage

Repair Match

Friendly Manager

Compliance Quest

Cocolevio Consulting

King Karel Apparel

Swinglift Transport Service

Football Stars

Accelerate Solar


Track Off

Teneo Linguistics Company

Elauwit Connectivity

2nd Gear Athletics

8Legs Recruitment

Sophia Sunflower Salon

VEA Sourcing


Club Tags

Innovative Hair Loss Solutions

Listen Loop

Elauwit Experience

Intermountain Nutrition



Compliance Quest Detailer

Simply Circle


Make Me A Freshman

Co Active Minds

Bikomethod 30


Bikomethod 60

Good Shepherd Health

Smartest Traffic

Wardy IT

Chief Maker

Cue.Ad (English)

Digital Media Buyers

Clever Spider

Happy Tax Service (Whiteboard)

Live Breathe Fitness

Mobile Locker


Repair Match (Rebrand)


Pack Leader


Mucho Gusto


EZ House (SPA)

Dimorra London

Own A Home Now (Video 2)



"Thanks to the guys from PowerfulSalesVideo we are able to offer users an outstanding video. In only 90 seconds the complexity of our platform is explained... It took only a few weeks to script, animate and finalize..."

Marco Neubert, Director Operations
Football Stars

"Thanks so much Dylan and team for the great video you created for Friendly Manager, we wanted a video that was short, simple, and to the point and you exceeded on the delivery. Keep up the great work!"

Karl Friend, CEO
Friendly Manager

"We were able to make edits and changes up until the last minute... The attention the guys paid to our project and the desired results was much appreciated. I can't wait to see what difference this will make for us..."

Hana Laurenzo, CEO
Teneo Linguistics Company

"The explainer video saves us time and most of all it saves the customer from getting frustrated with us, as they have a visual and verbal explanation all in one place on our website, big thanks to Dylan and his team."

Bruce McGregor, CEO
Swinglift Transport Services

"If you are looking for a final product that meets the expectations of content, quality and aesthetics then PSV is the best choice. Dylan and the team are easy and friendly to work with and offer a reasonably priced service."

Anusha Rohom, Marketing Comms

"We needed a video but found it difficult to find a studio that could provide quality at an affordable price. PSV was the best option on that front. I recommend PSV to anyone looking for an affordable, quality video from a team that actually cares..."

Rodrigo Fuentes, CEO

"We had many to choose from and made the right choice with PSV. They cared to understand our needs clearly, have made the process efficient and productive, and achieved the emotional impact we sought to create with our video. Great success! We would use and recommend them anytime."

Vivek Pathela, Co-Founder/CEO
Omny IQ

"FlySpaces is extremely happy with the work done by the Powerful Sales Video team. They executed the project in a timely and organized fashion, and they were very open to collaboration and feedback at each stage of production. I look forward to working with them again. Highly recommended!"

Nicole Adarme, Marketing Manager

"Thanks so much for the great work you did on our explainer video. The process was really easy, and the team was very responsive and flexible in making corrections.  The video turned out great!"

Martin Culjat

"Sometimes it can be difficult to clearly explain your business, especially if it is a new concept. Fortunately for us, Dylan and his team made the process simple, creating a concise infographic commercial for our business that clearly explains who we are and how we operate. Powerful Sales Video are a great team, providing personal service and quality videos for any size business at affordable rates. Thanks guys!"

Craig Matthews

"My company needed an eye catching video to represent our product. We found this company and couldn't be happier! The process was simple and they stayed in touch with us every step of the way. I was surprised how stress free the process was and the outcome is exactly what I envisioned it to be. Its amazing that they were able to take my ideas and bring them to life in a creative video. I am so grateful and look forward to working with them on all future projects!"

Katlin Neese
Pack Leader

"Dylan and his team at Powerful Sales Video were very professional while creating the Rentlit video. Dylan is responsive, always available, and kept his word regarding timing, quality, and price. One of the most important character traits to me is someone who returns my calls and emails promptly: Dylan was always available even on the other side of the world. I highly recommend this team in creating your sales videos as their process finds your message and forms it clearly in an effective video ad."

Timothy Hamilton

Animated Explainer Videos That Work
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