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Check out some of our Whiteboard, Explainer, and Premium examples below. As well as some Testimonials from past and current PSV clients!

Explainer Video Examples





health insurance broker

Health Insurance Broker

sisu painting

Sisu Painting

What Bench IT

Whatbench IT



Whiteboard Video Examples



Brooklyn Outdoor

Brooklyn Outdoor

Payan and Payan

Payan and Payan







Premium Video Examples



Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition





Baggins Shoes

Baggins Shoes




"Powerfulsalesvideos is a great deal for the money. Their process is efficient and effective. I was amazed at how focused they were on customizing the video so it fit our brand. They really listened to our feedback in order to produce the best possible animated video. I would highly recommend this service. "

Allison Turcio, Director of Digital Strategy
Siena College

"It seems like all of our competitors started creating these animated videos. We needed a provider who could give us decent quality at a decent price. Luckily Dylan and the Team delivered and then some!"

KC Rippy
Accelerate Solar

"Dylan and his team were professional, fast, and flexible. They took our feedback to heart, and tirelessly iterated on the video until we were 100% happy with the results. We got great value for our money, and enjoyed participating in the creative process. We will gladly hire them again for any future project"

Elena Krasnoperova, CEO
SimplyCircle: https://www.simplycircle.com/

"We were able to make edits and changes up until the last minute... The attention the guys paid to our project and the desired results was much appreciated. I can't wait to see what difference this will make for us..."

Hana Laurenzo, CEO
Teneo Linguistics Company: https://www.tlctranslation.com/

"If you are looking for a final product that meets the expectations of content, quality and aesthetics then PSV is the best choice. Dylan and the team are easy and friendly to work with and offer a reasonably priced service."

Anusha Rohom, Marketing Comms
ComplianceQuest: http://compliancequest.com/

"The explainer video saves us time and most of all it saves the customer from getting frustrated with us, as they have a visual and verbal explanation all in one place on our website, big thanks to the team."

Bruce McGregor, CEO
Swinglift Transport: http://www.swinglifttransport.com/

"We needed a video but found it difficult to find a studio that could provide quality at an affordable price. I recommend PSV to anyone looking for an affordable, quality video from a team that actually cares..."

Rodrigo Fuentes, CEO
ListenLoop: Listenloop.com

"Thanks so much PSV for the great video you created for Friendly Manager, we wanted a video that was short, simple, and to the point and you exceeded on the delivery. Keep up the great work!"

Karl Friend
Friendly Manager: friendlymanager.com

"PowerfulSalesVideo is everything a marketing agency looks for in video company. Not only are their videos high-quality and quickly produced, but their team is also pleasure to collaborate with!"

Josh Brown, Director of Marketing
BlueSwitch: www.blueswitch.com

"I never thought that a promo video would be in my budget – until I discovered PSV. I was able to have my brand’s commercial created for an incredibly reasonable price. The team at PSV understood my vision and worked with me to create an on-brand spot. Thanks PSV!"

Chris Zaccaria, Co-CEO and Founder
Jesus Receptors International

"Dylan, Jo and the team at PSV did a great job of clearly articulating our complex message in an easily understood, approachable video. They were helpful in developing the messaging and storyboard, and the video turned out great!"

Chris Blundell, Vice President
BowMont Capital: http://www.bowmontcapital.com/

"Jo, Dylan and team were a pleasure to work with! They listened to our requests and turned around a video that exceeded our expectations. Looking forward to working with them on future projects!"

Sari Palumbo, Account Manager, Digital Marketing & Marketing Operations
Magnetude Consulting: www.magnetudeconsulting.com

"The folks over at Powerful Sales Video were very easy to work with and connected with my vision perfectly. The process was quick and the few revisions needed were handled quickly and satisfactorily. I would not hesitate to use their service again. Thanks PSV!"

Vicky Waskiewicz, Founder and CEO
Safe Food Resources: http://www.safe-food-resources.com/

"I recently hired Powerful Sales Video. Professional, excellent customer service, and easy to work with are a few ways I would describe my experience. I am looking forward to using them in the future. Thanks PSV!”"

Justin Seedman, Founder
JustinFit: https://justinfit.com/

"Dylan, Jo and their team are a gem to work with. They are responsive, creative and attentive to requests and inquiries. Their prices are reasonable and they deliver good result. Give them a try. They won't disappoint."

Melody Avecilla, Founder
Runway Heels: http://runwayheels.com/

"PowerfulSalesVideo did a great job for us. We're running the TVC they made for us on YouTube. We've had about 5,000 views within 2 weeks which we're very happy with. We will recommend PSV to everyone needing an affordable, quality marketing video."

Bradley Grimm
Vanessa Ash Solicitors: http://www.vanessaash.com.au/

"Professionalism, timeliness, cost effectiveness and experience were all reasons we chose to work with Powerful Sales Video. They not only delivered on their promises but exceeded our expectations. The process was painless as constant communication was given and well received. Any edits needed took minimal time. I would recommend PSV to any of my business partners and we will continue to use them for any future video needs."

David Arnett, Creative Director
CCMLending: (303) 270-9620

"PSV could well grasp what information to put in our video and made it as effective as possible despite the very short length. The working team has been proactive and promptly replied to our emails and requests. We'll definitely make more videos with PSV in the future"

Annachiara Conti, Sales & Marketing
Sadas: https://www.sadasengine.com/

"Thank you to the team at Powerful Sales video for providing LifeVac with an excellent marketing tool to help us get the word out about our product. Their dedication, willingness to work through many edits and feedback made it an easy process. We are thrilled with the outcome of the video. We will definitely be working on other projects with their team in the near future and will recommend them to anyone looking for a creative, eye-catching, affordable, quality video. Thank you!"

Donna Yeisley
LifeVac: https://lifevac.net/

"Thanks to the guys from PowerfulSalesVideo we are able to offer users an outstanding video. In only 90 seconds the complexity of our platform is explained... It took only a few weeks to script, animate and finalize..."

Marco Neubert, Director Operations
Football Stars