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Video marketing is fast becoming a crucial part of any businesses online content strategy. In the early days of online commerce, it was enough to have a webpage with a bit of text explaining your product.

Times have certainly changed.

The quality and volume of content necessary to make a dent in our audience's minds is ever-growing.

To compete in the market companies must continue to meet the benchmark of quality video content demanded by their audience as seen in our article on vital video stats.

This article presents a range of tactics and methods for marketing your video (Video Marketing Guide).

We often have clients asking us how to use their video, which is a fair enough question, but it's like asking how to market your business.

There are so many platforms available to communicate your core message online that it's easy to get lost in the multitude of options.

The below list will help clarify ways of implementing marketing videos into your market.

Website Videos

The most common place companies decide to place their videos is on their website.

Typically, on the home page, there will be a general explainer video going into the brand, features and benefits, proof and credibility, and a call to action.

There's also the website directing video which helps your visitors understand what to do to get where they want to go as a sort of map of your website.

Then you have the case study and testimonial videos going into some experiences from your past customers which can be very powerful, in both live and animated form.

Finally, the fourth most common type of website video is the product or process video, which outlines the features and benefits of a specific product or process to guide the viewer along in their buying decision.

Application Videos

These videos contain screen recordings of your app complemented by some animation to help explain the app and display its features. You will find these videos displayed prominently on the apps landing page as well as the app stores.

Sales Videos

Smart salespeople deploy video before their sales presentations, often emailing the video to their prospect before even arriving to give an introduction so that the candidate has already heard a pitch. These videos are also great for training your salespeople as they will show them in person to the prospect, educating not only the prospect but themselves too!

Email marketing videos

Email is still the primary means of communication in the professional world so getting viewers to click on a video and watch its content can be a powerful way of getting them to the next step. These videos are often embedded in the email itself or are presented as a link that sends the viewer to a landing page to watch the rest of the video.

Product Videos

A video displaying the features and benefits of your product in both the live and animated form will help buyers with their decision. It is often displayed on the products page where buyers will decide to add to cart or not. However, another tactic that works well is using these product videos as a re-targeting ad to website visitors who added to cart and didn't buy.

Software Videos

Clients often come to us with complicated software's and don't know where to start in displaying the complex set of features and benefits available. Video is the best way of on-boarding new users without relying on large support teams spending hours with a given user. These videos are compartmentalized, meaning they are created for specific parts/modules of the software to prevent a long drawn out video.

Social Media Videos

Small, short, sharp, snappy pieces of content below 30 seconds long are ideal for these types of videos. Their utility is keeping your brand top of mind with your audience via informational and educational content which gets the viewer hooked. One thing that works well here is the creation of a series which if the viewer likes one, will be consumed in full but in pieces so as not to ask the viewer for too much.

Remarketing Videos

Most of your website viewers will look once, not take any action, then forget about you altogether. One way to get another chance with these viewers is by presenting them with relevant content for their stage in the buyer journey. You'll have the viewers who only checked out your page once, the viewers that visited multiple pages, the 25% longest visiting viewers, those who filled out a contact form, added to cart but didn't buy, etc. you get the picture.

These videos are mostly another chance to appeal to the audience in a new way, and the beautiful thing about it is you can customize the messaging based on the last action that they took.

Testimonial Videos

Social proof is a powerful influencer in human psychology.

If someone else's has tried something and had a positive or relatable experience, then we trust that we too will have a similar experience.

These videos are second only to remarketing videos in their effect on conversion rates.

A few prominently displayed videos of your past clients talking to the camera about their experience with you will have a high impact on what happens next in your relationship with the viewer.

Case Study Videos

Animated video works best here to tell a story of your most typical buyers' journey.

You want it to be the most typical one as this will have the greatest relatability with your viewers.

These videos allow you to display your features and benefits with an example of how your product or service impacts the needs of your customers.

Of course, you want it to be realistic and coming from a real experience, if possible.

Cold Traffic Advertising videos

When advertising to cold traffic using video, there are a few things to take into account.

Your thumbnail must be killer. A video's thumbnail determines its click-through rates by 80%

Keep your message clear and concise, with a video under 30 seconds. Cold traffic loses attention easier than those already interested, so keep things short and to the point. Aim to have a single message for your video.

Have a single powerful call to action. You can't just end the video abruptly, and you need to have a call to action that moves the viewer forward in some way, whether its to email you, visit your website, or give you a call. Choose ONE. We don't want to confuse anything.

Personalized Videos

These videos are addressed to a single individual. Great for account-based marketing. You can cater to one company or individual in the videos messaging and structure. The simplest way of doing this is to edit the message of the video to address someone individually and talk about their specific problem, these types of videos are much more potent than sending the same video with generic messaging.

If you're interested in learning more about how a video marketing production strategy can impact your bottom line without spending exorbitant amounts of time and money check this out.

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